About Me

Hi, my name is Lena and I am a founder of Bloomsider.com. I am gonna share with you, why did I start and call this blog „Bloomsider“.

I am a late bloomer. Earlier at my school or my university, I did not feel as attractive as I do now. And when a young girl is not confident about her appearance, as a result, she is not attractive to boys. Clear to me now, but not back then. And the problem is not necessarily in the physical appearance. Every woman just radiates her self-esteem. I would not say that I had very low self-esteem, but I did not use my potential for sure.

So this blog aims to women who relate to the term „late bloomer“ to gather information all about beauty and find ways to improve themselves – from inside and outside.

I will tell you my experience with beauty procedures I have been through and its results. Also, I will do researches on different beauty trends and share with you my findings.

As I just started this blog, I will focus first of all on plastic surgeries, cosmetology, and other beauty procedures. But later will also write interesting posts about inner work and healing processes to various topics.
So stay tuned with me and see you later!

Warm hugs,