20 Stunning Pink Nails with butterflies Ideas

Are you looking for the pink nails designs with butterflies that will absolutely mesmerise you? Here’s a list of the the 20 prettiest pink nails with butterflies in Instagram!

The 20 best pink nail ideas with butterfly prints for this spring season.

From iridescent glam to subtle short nails, spring is the perfect season to explore the pretty pastels and natureโ€™s bliss, bring them together and youโ€™ll find the perfect nail combination for the season, pink nails with butterflies. Weโ€™ve put together a mood board of nail ideas (from Instagram) for you and your nail tech to try out!

1. Pink Nails with butterflies detailing

 Starting with the โ€˜pretty in pinkโ€™ statement, best suited for the stiletto and ballerina nail shape, these nails feature an ohmage of light glitter and pink hand-dotted butterflies, the pastel base elevates the design, making it a grandstander.

2. Dark Pink nails with mariposa butterfly design 

If you have a neck for the darker and bolder tones, this Fuscia pink nail design will leave you dazed, opt for the glossy over matte effect and spare two nails for a contrasting Mariposa butterfly design. 

3. Glam nail idea with gold embellishments 

I donโ€™t know about you, but these nails have Regina George written all over it, these sultry-glam nails featuring golden butterfly embellishments are just about the only gold you may need, you can even switch out the light pink base to rouge and make it pop.

4. Classic salmon pink nail idea

This nail set stands as a classic, double-coated salmon pink with hand-painted butterflies, the soft look can promise to elevate any look. 

5. Pink rhinestones design

Are you new to mixed media when it comes to your nails? Perhaps itโ€™s your first-time incorporating rhinestones, try this stunning set with glitter, flutters, and bling, you can even go a few shades darker if youโ€™d like.

6. Fuscia nail design with stripes 

Presenting to you one of our favorites, this nail set begins with a coat of baby pink, works its way to Fuscia and punch stripes, easily replaceable with neon pink to bring in the heat with the added details. 

7. French nails with abstract design 

If you were a fan of the classic salmon pink nail set, this one might just be another one to try, these nails have a light French mani look with abstract butterflies on each nail, delicate and pretty. 

8. Pink and brown sun-kissed nail Idea 

This next design is a mature yet mystical set, coated in nude pink the brown detailing promises a sun-kissed effect, not to mention the gorgeous center bling, turning heads. 

9. Stylish salmon pink nail set

Simple, stylish, and sleek, those are the three words that come to mind when talking about this next nail set, featuring a salmon pink base, and a singular mariposa butterfly design, perfect for any nail length.

10. classic Pink Nails with butterflies for Spring nail set 

Like the last nail idea, this one also portrays a singular detailing, except this time the nails possess a mix of iridescent and taffy pink combination, making for the perfect spring look. 

11. light Pink Nails with butterflies and silver butterflies

An underrated nail combination thatโ€™s recently taken the internet is pink and transparent, this one in specific has silver butterflies, giving the look, a contrasting punch, you can also try it with gold for a warmer effect. 

12. Squoval Ombre design 

Are you a fan of squared nails? Or perhaps youโ€™ve jumped on the โ€˜squovalโ€™ trend; this design may be the perfect match for you, decked out in sequins and pink flutters, these ombre nails are a masterpiece to cherish. 

13. Metallic hues nail Idea 

This next nail design can easily be achieved at home, apply a baby pink base, and add specks of metallic hues, you can even try your hand at free drawing a butterfly using fine nail art brushes easily available at your nearby drugstore. 

14. Universal Pink Nails with butterflies

This next design is in the most universal shade of pink, complimenting all skin tones, this blush pink nail set is adorned with sequinned butterflies and glittered outlines, sweet and simple. 

15. Glitter Pink Nails with butterflies

One of our favorites yet again, this nail design is the most glam-chic design that will meet the eye, with a nude pink base, carved out shiny glitter and white ink painting, this is a work of art waiting to be bought, you can also try to replace the white for a neon pink for an electric feel. 

16. Versatile nails of the season 

You can never go wrong with pink and gold, itโ€™s an unbeatable combo, and this nail design proves why; the light pink and the golden specks of butterflies balance each other, making it a versatile yet boujee look.

17. Bubblegum statement nail design 

Do you like making a statement? If so, this nail design may be right up your alley, featuring bright bubblegum pink alongside translucent butterflies and rhinestones, this one is a winner in our eyes.

18. Pink showstopper nails 

This next nail design is a unique showstopper, the mauve pink and gold butterfly embellishments are unique, you can also try to opt for a darker tone to make the gold pop even more. 

19. Pink Nails with butterflies and blue straps 

Are you a nail enthusiast? Maybe you want to go all out this season, look at this next design and get your creativity flowing. Incorporating blue strapped detailing as well as butterflies and rhinestones, a look like this will suit any nail shape, although longer nails will give it that extra boom.

20. Pink wonderland nail design 

Did we save our favourite for last? Maybe we did, this stunning nail design is the epitome of a pink wonderland, fitted with a large butterfly right in the centre , and other miniature additions such as rhinestones and stickers, creating a fairytale look. 

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