Keratin Treatment for Hair: Is it worth the hype?

“Keratin hair treatment is a miracle-working on individual hair for several months at a time” – Ted Gibson. 

And not only Ted Gibson, what if millions tell you; the secret of silky, smooth, frizz-free hair was in your hands?

Yes, you guessed it right!

Today, we’re talking about the Keratin treatment complex for hair.  

I know, “Keratin is just a protein,” but this article highlights the benefits combined with the side effects and much more about Keratin treatment. 

Let’s dive in!

What is Keratin, and How does it Affect your Hair?

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Before jumping into further details, let us first discuss what Keratin actually is.

Basically, Keratin is like an Ozone layer for your nails, skin, and hair. 

Keratin for Hair

A naturally occurring protein in skin, hair, and nails that acts as a protective layer and maintains the structure, shine, and overall health of your hair. 

However, with time and upon exposure to certain chemicals and environmental factors, it may be depleted, resulting in frequent breakage and loss of lustre. 

And so, hair experts found a semi-permanent treatment to smoothen out dry, frizzy locks by restoring moisture while protecting against further damage.

Many style icons and celebrities swear by the Keratin complex treatment, and it’s no wonder why this treatment has become one of the most popular services. 

Keratin Complex Treatment

You might argue that Keratin treatments are involved in hair straightening. 

Let me pop your bubble; Keratin complex treatments are smoothing techniques to tame the frizzy mane, reduce curls, target weak spots, and most of all ー block humidity and reduce damage, leaving your hair silky soft and smooth. 

Keratin Treatment Benefits

As I mentioned earlier, Keratin is a naturally occurring protein with wholesome benefits to your skin, nails, and hair. 

Keratin treatments, however, attained artificially, are not derived from artificial sources. 

The main source of Keratin in these treatments derives from wool, feathers, or horns1

The benefits of Keratin treatment for your hair involve:

  1. Smooth, shiny, frizz-free, and manageable hair
  2. Long-lasting results up to 6 months
  3. Strengthens hair, resulting in less hair fall

Can Keratin Treatment Damage your Hair?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room ─ the potential dangers of Keratin treatment. 

The use of Formaldehyde

Like any other chemical procedure, Keratin treatments pose some serious potential risks.

But did you know?

Keratin treatments were first invented by a mortician,1 who noticed an embalming chemical, straightening the hair strands of corpses.

And so, he manufactured it for human hair with formaldehyde

However, the use of formaldehyde for Keratin treatments is quite controversial, ever since the American Cancer Society referred to it as a carcinogen. 

“The formaldehyde formula is terrible for your hair,” says celebrity stylist, Myrna Palacios. 

Palacios added, “Formaldehyde smells so strong that stylists feel burning in their nose and throat for days afterwards.”

Keratin Treatment without Formaldehyde

Here’s the catch;

No hair-smoothing treatment is truly chemical-free. 

There are a few traces of chemicals in every treatment. 

The other Keratin treatments might be Formaldehyde-free, but not completely chemical-free and are not as effective as Brazilian Keratin treatment. 

The Formaldehyde-free Keratin includes.

  1. The use of relaxers with active ingredients such as Ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide
  2. Keratin treatments with glycolic acid repair the hair by penetrating deep into hair strands

How long does Keratin Treatment Last?

It depends on the aftercare. 

Usually, the results of Keratin treatments are promising and may last up to 6 months if properly taken care of.

Here are a few tips I gathered so far to maintain your hair after the treatment.

  1. Wait for at least 4 days post-Keratin treatment before washing your hair
  2. Try to wash your hair less and stay away from saltwater
  3. Always wash your hair with sodium- and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners ─ Remember: Sodium Chloride is your biggest enemy

What’s the Best Keratin Treatment for Me? 

Now, this question is highly subjective.

Therefore, I would suggest consulting a professional hairstylist for a better understanding.

However, if you want Keratin treatment for curly hair, your hairstylist would most likely offer you treatments with Formaldehyde. 

Nonetheless, if your goal is to maintain the body and curl of your hair, a formaldehyde-free formula would work the best for you. 

Keratin Treatment Costs

The average cost of Keratin treatment varies from person to person based on their hair type and individual needs. 

The Keratin treatments would cost you anywhere from $300 to $800 at most salons. 

Who should AVOID Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment during pregnancy is a big no-no!

Also, hair experts suggest avoiding the treatment if you have:

  1. Bleached hair
  2. Super-fine, straight hair
  3. Severely damaged, brittle hair

Keratin Treatment at Home

I am an ardent fan of DIYs. 

So, when I learned that Keratin treatment can be done at home, I couldn’t help but dig in further.

Basically, Keratin treatment can be done at home but the results would be considerably more effective in salons. 

Also, it takes no longer than three hours to get your hair treated. However, sometimes, finding time in your busy schedule is a nuisance. 

For this, the “at home” option works the best.

But make sure to do it right to make the most of this treatment. 

Today, I’m sharing an easy step-by-step guide to treat your hair at home.

Shampoo your hair thoroughly

  • For straight hair; wash twice
  • For curly, thick hair; wash thrice

Rinse completely and do not use a conditioner at this stage. 

Coat the treatment on hair strands

  • Pat dry your hair
  • Coat hair strands with the treatment and gently massage into your hair 

Wait for 30 minutes

  • With a wide-tooth comb, gently straighten your hair and wait for at least 30 minutes for the product to do its magic

Rinse thoroughly

  • Make sure the product is completely rinsed to avoid dandruff buildup 

Blow Dry

  • While brushing gently, blowdry your hair
  • Make sure the hair is completely dry

Iron your Hair

  • Using a flat iron, separate hair into small, even sections
  • Apply heat evenly to lock in the treatment and moisture

Wait patiently


  • Wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair
  • It’s not recommended to tuck or tie your hair as it allows the treatment to seep through your hair, working its wonders

Use Sulphate-free Shampoo and Conditioner

  • After 48 hours, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Blowdry your hair, and flaunt your oh-so-smooth locks

Keratin: Before and After Pictures

Whatever I say, nothing beats the results with solid proof.

Here are some of the before and after pictures of Keratin treatments that left me awestruck. 

Keratin for Dull, frizzy, and brittle hair

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Is there anything that puts us off than dull, brittle hair?

I bet not!

The frizzy hair full of static and split ends can be treated through Keratin by restoring the strength and long-lasting shine that seeps through each hair, strand by strand. 

The results are uncanny!

Keratin Treatment for Curly hair

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I will repeat this;

Keratin treatment does not promise straightening results for curly locks. However, it works incredibly great in making it look relaxed, shiny, and more manageable. 

Your curls will be easy to tangle and frizz-free. 

What else do we need? 

Keratin Treatment for Afro hair

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Keratin treatment has been proven to treat Afro hair by softening the curls and smoothening the texture of black hair, using an active protein ingredient; Keratin.

My Final Takeaway 

Keratin is a protein-based treatment that is GODsent for dull, frizzy, and untamed mane. 

But it is not suitable for everyone. Thus, I advise consulting your hairstylist before going for it.
However, if you fancy long-term straight and smooth hair, Keratin was just made for you!

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