23 Beautiful Purple Nails with Butterfly Designs for You.

Are you looking for a cool way to spice up your purple nails? Then, you should consider adding the butterfly art. Butterfly nail art tells you to ditch your bland nails and opt for a more creative and stunning style. This nail design is trending for the right reasons. It is versatile and can accommodate any shape and style. Even with one color, it can be tweaked in different ways and still look good every single time.

Check out our 23 ideas on purple butterfly nails to see for yourself.

1. Glossy almond shape with purple butterfly

The elongate shape of almond nails blends effortlessly with this shade of purple to form this chic and ladylike manicure. The purple nude nail and the purple butterfly in it add to the soft, ladylike look.

2. Purple with blue butterfly

For more oomph of femininity to purple, add glitter to the pool of style. Express your feminine touch in these short squared purple nails with tiny glitter specs. Recreating this style is quite easy; the Butterfly splash effect is achievable with a sticker, and the sparkly purple can be gotten from nail polish.

3. Angled french tip with butterfly

French tips are a big trend on their own that has proven to be multifaceted time and again, so we are not surprised that this trendy glamour looks just as good with butterflies on them. With a slight twist to the classic French nail, these lavender tip rhinestones offer a fresh new look that looks splendid. The purple-blue butterfly makes a fair bridge between classy and cute girlie.

4. Coffin shaped purple nails with butterfly

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Here we have yet another lavender french tip, but this time, a coffin-shaped one that gives the perfect youthful feminine style. The designer imprints on these striped two-toned purple nails alongside the butterfly French tip present a mature view that is great for young adults.

5. Chrome french with purple butterfly

Chrome and french nails make for a luxurious Haute looking mani. To crown this superb combo, slot cute purple butterflies with rhinestones in there, and you have one of the most attractive designs ever.

6. With butterfly/flower stickers nails

This little sticker is so unique, with one side of the butterfly being a flower. Plus, it’s super easy to make. You don’t have to be a creative genius to replicate this style. Slap on this cute sticker on your freshly painted nail, and voila! There you have your cute simple purple nail with half butterfly and flower.

7. Rhinestones and glitter sticker butterfly purple

Dear baddies, you are not left out in this cute butterfly design bunch. You can try out these blinged-out extra-long lavender nails with a silver and rhinestone butterfly sticker. We love that the butterflies stickers look like they’re about to fly from your fingers; this detail amplifies the mani by a large margin.

8. Hand-painted butterflies and lines

You simply can’t go wrong with almond-shaped nails; what’s better? Almond-shaped nails with purple psychedelic squiggles that have hand-painted butterflies by its side. Swap out your traditional basic coated nail paint for this squiggly duotone purple and white lines with butterflies painted with stunning details; nothing beats handpainted art.

9. Eccentric purple and neon yellow combo

Don’t you just love how real this butterfly looks? With their wings drawn out, it’s almost like they’re flying. The neon yellow french tip alongside the glittery nude perfect complements the tone of purple, very much radiating eccentric spring energy.

10. Glitter butterfly

Here we have glitter again, one of the few materials that is undoubtedly universally flattering and versatile without any falter in class. This time we see it in large specs as the sparkly wing of this cute black butterfly. Rest assured that this mani will suit you because, just like glitter, oval-shaped nails look good on everyone.

11. Glitter nail with butterfly

We simply can’t have enough glitter and butterfly combo. These chunky glitter flakes on purple nails are so beautiful and are easily achievable. What’s better? These square-shaped nails are good on acrylics as well as natural nails; just have your pick at what suits you.

12. Matte with butterflies

How cute are these yellow butterflies on matte french tips? Soft matte with french tips is a sure-fire way to get that sophisticated luxe look. This design is one of our favorites, and that’s because the butterflies come in different colors. You can always have fun with color when you recreate.

13. Almond-shaped handmade butterfly design

If you’re less of a glitter girl and more of a goth glam chic, then this oval-shaped glossy nude mani with large purple butterflies is your match. The details on the butterfly are not so profound, but the beauty of this one lies in the dark tone of the purple color.

14. Vintage animation themed butterfly

Relive your childhood animation in this adorable multicolored retro theme butterfly design. The intricate details and sparkles on this thing radiate so much life; truly an artistic marvel you must try!

15. Outlined butterfly

So, you want butterflies without flamboyant full-on drawings or stickers? Or maybe colorful butterflies aren’t your thing? You can still get the fun and style of having butterfly manis nonetheless. Outlined drawings are a good way to get the best of both worlds. You can tell from this picture that butterfly outlines still serve the same chicness as the real deal.

16. Pastel purple with pink butterfly

This extra-long pastel purple with its pink butterfly mani is so stylish. The purple and pink combo of this nail looks like something straight out of a dream. And like a true dream, this mani is enough to make you your best classy self. Undoubtedly, this design will look good in any nail shape and length, so don’t hold back on tweaking it to your taste.

17. Cloud purple butterfly nails

If you’re a lover of mystic and magic themes, then this next nail is right up your alley; go for this natural nail-length almond-shaped nail. This look is achievable with glitter nail polish, cloud stickers, butterfly stickers, and lots of precision and skill. So, it’s advisable to get a nail technician on this unless your abilities are on par.

18. Dark purple butterfly nail

More on dark and gothic ideas; try out this dark purple tapered square-shaped nail with a half blue butterfly drawn on it. This one stands out from the others as the butterflies aren’t fully shown, but rather, their wings are the ones that are drawn.

19. Gel purple with butterfly

If you’re bored of regular coatings, know that gel nails also look fantastic with butterflies underneath. This medium-length square-shaped pastel purple with metallic pink butterflies is evident enough that this match works well together.

20. With blue realistic butterfly sticker

Live out your best magical princess dreams thanks to this extra-long multi-toned purple with large iridescent glitter flakes, rhinestones, side french tip, and realistic butterfly stickers. The mystical theme of the mani is further tied with the small specs of iridescent glitter around the butterflies.

21. Almond shape ombre glow in the dark butterfly stickers

Next is this simple yet detailed purple and black ombre almond-shaped nail. This one is slightly different from the others as the duo-colored butterflies glow in the dark. Not to forget the cute metallic foil in the nail tip that gives an exotic feel.

22. Pastel with abstract marble-like butterfly

Boost the uniqueness of your butterfly by swirling it after drawing, so it appears to be abstract like this picture.

23. Soft white with glitter butterflies

Glitter butterflies rule the day once again, but this time, they come in silver with lavender lines and a perfect milky white color as a base.

Try your hands on any of these designs and experience the magic in purple.

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