Everything About Lip Filler Migration: Real Pictures of Patients

Since lip fillers can change the appearance and are more affordable than surgeries, they have grown in demand. Unfortunately, determining the right amount of filler for each individual can be tricky. Everyone´s body can react very differently to it. Lip filler migration is one of the possible side effects of this beauty procedure. In this post we have collected for you all the information you need to know about lip filler migration: causes, how does it look, and what to do.

What is a lip filler migration?

It occurs when injected Hyaluronic acid migrates from the injected area into surrounding parts of the lips, resulting in a puffy upper lip, dummy, or swollen look in the upper and/or lower lip. It is often not that obvious and easy to detect especially when it does not prevent the lips from closing properly.

How common is lip filler migration?

Migration after lip filler is not uncommon and people might have seen upper lip migration probably more often than other types. Many conditions can be ungainly as seen in pictures below.

What does lip filler migration look like?

Filler migration above the upper lip

If filler goes above your upper lip, instead of giving you the perfect pout and a beautiful smile, your lips will look somewhat like a trout pout making your mouth look like a duck. A shelf-like appearance will appear on the border of the lips, completely submerging the edge and borderline of the lips. Depends on how much filler you got, it might appear just a bit but when you talk or laugh it will look more obvious.

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filler Migration inside of Upper Lip

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Filler Migration in the Lower Lip

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Filler Migration in Upper and Lower Lips

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Causes Of Lip Filler Migration:

Some common causes of destructive filler migration are stated below:

1.     Inexperienced Injector:

As the aesthetic practices are becoming increasingly popular, choosing an inexperienced and unskilled person for carrying out lip filler who has no idea about the structure of the lip may often lead to the filler migrating to the wrong places.

2.     Overfilling Of Dermal Filler:

Overfilling is another major cause of filler migration. Petting too much filler into the lips causes the lips to become overloaded with filler. So, when the filler becomes too much for the lips to hold, it starts spreading to the upper side of the lip, causing a duck-like shape.

3.     Using Wrong Fillers / Different fillers:

Choosing the wrong filler can also destroy your idea of a gorgeous smile. Understanding the science and uses of different fillers is essential to ensure the technique produces the desired outcome. This is only possible when you choose a well-known practitioner for your filler treatment. Ensure to use a well-known brand. Moreover, if you had fillers in the last 6-12 months, there is a chance another filler will cause migration.

4.     Wrong Technique:

Lip filler is all about using the right technique administered by a professional. Moreover, the filler must be added gradually and in a controlled manner. Trying to put in all the filler at once will force it to spread across the different areas of the skin.

5.     Indiviadual reaction/Allergy:

Lip filler migration occurs also due to a complex process in the body. Although fillers are hyaluronic acid-based and tested for allergy, there might be an immunogenic response to the injection. In Dr. Ava Shamban’s (renowned dermatologist at Beverly Hills, California) words, fillers get into ‘fighting mode’. When there is natural inflammation in the body, filler cells can trip over and get enlarged. This blocks the normal flow of fluids which ultimately can cause filler migration to happen. A bit of swelling is considered normal after the lip filler procedure. Some people also suffer from mild to severe swelling, which may result because of the active response of the immune system to certain allergies, vaccines, and ailments. This swelling further leads to the dermal filler spreading slightly, causing it to migrate.

How to know when you have a lip filler migration

After injection lip filler settles down for at least 2 weeks. Only after some weeks, you can see the final results of your new lips. During this period only your doctor can say whether you have already signs of lip filler migration or it is just temporary swelling. After 2 weeks lip filler migration is noticeable and here are few things to look out for:

  • Lumps or bumps in the lip
  • Long lasting swelling in the surrounding areas
  • Lack of defined lip borders
  • Difficulty in closing the lips
  • „Duckface“

What to do if you have a lip filler migration

The best thing to do is to visit your doctor. Your professional will inject Hyaluronidase which will induce a breakdown of the injected Hyaluronic acid in your lip, causing the lip to return to its former size. Depends on your situation doctor may need to inject Hyaluronidase in 2-3 sessions. It’s not recommended to fill again your lips straight after these sessions without giving them a couple of weeks to heal.

Will Lip Filler Migration Go Away?

How long does lip filler migration last?

Hyaluronic acid does go away, but it will probably take more time than you think. They could get reabsorbed into the body from about the 5th month to up to 8 years depending on the type of dermal filler (source: Dr. Gavin Chan, Cosmetic Physician, Liposuctionist, Victorian Cosmetic Institute). So, it will resolve in a rather slow process. If the filler is in an area other than your lips, the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid tends to stay for a very long time or does not go away on its own. There is also almost no chance that you can get rid of lip filler migration at home. While a home remedy like massaging may help, it could also tighten the lumps making the situation worse. So, please – go to the experts and ask for help.

How to Prevent or Avoid Lip Filler Migration

Avoiding migration after lip filler can not be guaranteed for 100%, but there are some factors which can help you:

  • Choose your practitioner wisely. Make sure they are board-certified and have full knowledge and expertise of this technique.
  • Inform yourself about the lip filler – some of them tend more to migrate in the areas around lips, some less.
  •  Avoid pressing the area that received filler injections.
  •  Avoid exercising on the day you have fillers.
  • Try to maintain natural face postures to let filler set in without letting the fluid spread over.

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