20 Best Aqua Blue Nail Ideas

Are you looking forward to spring? do you have your first nail set picked out? if not don’t worry; we’ve got our 20 favourite aqua blue nail ideas to try out.

The 20 best aqua blue ideas to try this spring season

Dubbed ‘the prettiest shade of blue’ Aqua blue, is making its a comeback this year through a plethora of nail ideas, we don’t know about you but at least that’s what our Instagram feeds were filled with, It’s fresh it’s breezy and it’s the right shade of pop to go with any outfit.

1. The classic aqua blue nail set

Kicking it off with a classic, famous amongst celebrities, YouTubers, and Coachella go-ers, one that made the mood boards of many back in 2014, the classic aqua blue nail set. This stunning set speaks for itself, the simple colour adds a pop of colour to any outfit, add a few dainty rings, and elevates your look.

2. Dark aqua timeless nail set

In a world where nine to fives exist, the look of manicured nails and shades of neutrals and pastels are accepted, there is room for one such colour apart from the ruby red, a dark muted aqua blue. Opt to layer with a single coat to get a softer effect along with matte finish for to maintain elegance.

3. Spring time aqua blue nails with pink accents

If you’re a fan of stylish accents in your manicure, this one is for you; this spring time aqua nail set with Light pink accented nails, with two out of five hand painted with delicate flowers will be the only accessory you’ll need to be wearing to turn heads.

4. Shades of aqua and shimmer nail idea

The next nail idea makes a statement of its own; this nail idea hosts several different shades of aqua, from dark to light and even shimmer and rhinestones, it embodies the essence of Maldives at the tip of your fingers. To get similar results, choose three shades of aqua as well as a shade of white that best suits you, apply double coats on each, and apply a layer of glitter polish over the ring fingernail and let it dry, if you have rhinestones experiment with them on your nails and get a unique finish.

5. Aqua blue nails with butterfly designs

Butterfly nail ideas have become the talk of the season, this set features several types of butterflies, from hand painted to stickers and specks of gold, ask your nail tech to freestyle their take on this, using different mixed media components to create a stunning set.

6. Olympics inspired nails

Are you a sports fan? perhaps a team or even the Olympics like in this next design, pull out your nail art pen and use it to draw simple images, the flag of your favorite sports team, or even the words spelling out the sport, it’s a unique way to incorporate it and makes for a great Instagram pic!

7. French nails with Aqua abstract nail design

Colored french tips have been trendy since the end of last year, the winter season took it by storm and this year creators are looking to evolve it into something more artistic, Take a look at this nail design; started out as a double coat salmon pink and adding several stripes of colors in a randomized order, giving it a hypnotized look. You can swap out the colour for electric tones for a more punk look.

8. A subtle french mani with aqua blue nail design

This next design is a mature variation to the last, sticking to the double coated salmon base; this look elongates the look of the fingers, using pastel colours as well as choosing a coffin nail shape, although almond-shaped nails can also give similar results, and do justice to this timeless design.

9. The bubble effect nails

Have you been seeing this nail design floating the internet? and have you been skipping the thought of trying it because it looks intimidating? We’ve got good news for you, it’s not! to achieve this look, start by applying your favourite shade of Aqua, double coat it for better coverage and let it dry, apply a layer of topcoat and let it dry, then in a bowl of water add any household soap and create sud. Put the sud over your nails and wipe after a few minutes, the results are stunning.

10. The aqua effect nail design

If you liked The French nails with Aqua abstract nail design you should check out this nail design, following the same salmon base ritual, this design features a lucid design using pastel colours in a unique combination.

11. An iridescent glow

A nail connoisseur’s favourite; The iridescent look, this design embodies everything a mystical set of nails would look like, the halo effect, the specks of blue intertwined with the base coat and the muted sequins that glow when then sun hits it at an angle, it’s a dream and it’s one you’ll not want to wake up from.

12. Frosted tips nail design

If Elsa from frozen was a nail lover this is what hers would look like, This simple almond shaped french manicure with aqua glitter tips is the epitome of a winter wonderland in the middle of spring, it’s the perfect amount of elegance and dreamy.

13. Light aqua blue nail idea

This next nail design is one that can easily be achieved at home with only a few products, reach for a light aqua base, as well as a silver/blue glitter nail polish for an accented nail, you can even darken the look by replacing the light aqua with a royal blue.

14. Mermaid tail nails

Presenting to you one of our favourite looks in this collection, featuring a aqua-purple ombre effect with hand drawn mermaid tail prints and added rhinestones, this will be one to catch attention.

15. Marble effect nail design

This next design is a glam-chic nail set, made to suit any skin tone and nail shape, it’s versatility comes as a strong second to its print. The marble effect with specks of gold detailing and blue colour spill makes it stand out from the others in many ways.

16. aqua blue nail with rhinestones

Do you enjoy accessorizing, if so we have the perfect nail look for you; this nail design embraces jewels and rhinestones in ways not seen before, with several combinations of embellishments, colours, and textures this nail design will be sure to be a favourite.

17. Electric aqua blue nails

Following in the footsteps of many french nail appearances this list has made, this one is no exception; this unique design may be one for an acquired taste, but a taste nevertheless. This muted french nail portrays hand-drawn fire in the shade of electric aqua for an exuberant effect.

18. Mixed media aqua nails

This design is a stunning mixed media set, featuring several different combinations of prints, textures and effects, making for an extremely wearable set on any nail type. Beginners trying it at home can use the help of tape to create lines and patterns.

19. Short and sweet aqua nails

Long nails have a sense of beauty short nails don’t and vice versa, This nail design demonstrates a look which is best carried out by shorter nails, using an accented nail for a half-and-half effect of glitter can only look this full and glamorous on such nails.

20. beach nails idea

If this isn’t a piece of art, we don’t know what is. From the stunning baby blue aqua base to the hints of mauve pink and streaks of white hitting the backdrop, and hand-painted palm trees painted in charcoal black for a fine finish, this nail design is the perfect nail design that can be worn through spring and summer non-stop.

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