20 Best Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter Nail Ideas

Have you found your next acrylic nails set to bring home? if not here’s some inspiration to kickstart your brainstorming; we bring you the 20 best black acrylic nails with glitter. Happy finding!

The 20 best black acrylic nails with glitter to add to your mood board

Anyone that’s ever gotten acrylics can vouch for the fact that a set of black nails are the ultimate baddie mood, whether it’s a set of long coffin cut nails or short squoval nails; a classic is a classic, and in this post, we’ll share our 20 favourite ways to wear black acrylic nails with glitter, there’s a style for everyone to wear.

1. Simple Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter

The first design on our list is the simple yet elegant black glitter nail design, one of the most uncomplicated designs to achieve in this list yet one of the most timeless.

2. Black and glitter french manicure

This next design is an embodiment of a world famous manicure style and two stunning glitter colours, black and gold. Although simple this look can promise to elevate any outfit.

3. Black nail polish two ways

if you’re looking to give your nails more dimension, looking to add more depth or maybe just a new look, then this next nail set will be right up your alley; featuring both matte black as well as glossy spread amongst the nails, as well as specks of silver glitter to give it texture, perfect for long nails.

4. Black and white nail idea

Create a simple monochromic nail design using this image as a guideline, similar to the black glitter nails, the items required to achieve this look are minimal, start off by sectioning out your fingers, paint two nails using black glitter polish, and two using white nail polish, once dried apply a thin line of the black glitter nail polish on the white polish to create a french mani effect.

Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter valentines nail design

Are you looking for nail inspiration for valentines day, maybe you’re looking for something beyond red’s and pink’s this year; lucky for you we have the perfect reference picture to get yours done, this french mani with black tips takes it one step further, incorporating glitter prints, hearts and butterflies creating an ombre effect. So head over to your nail tech and watch the magic unfold.

6. Black unicorn nail design

This next nail design is a unicorn nail set, featuring black glitter polish and baby pink, the design uses a softening approach, bringing together a dark and light colour and creating a balance. The hand drawn prints on the nails can be customised to match personal preferences.

7. Black nails with pink glitter and gold touches

Have you got the artistic touch to you, is experimenting your forte? if so; this nail design is one you should not skip, decked out with gold embellishments, stickers, sequins, and textured glitter, making for a stunning bold look.

8. a festive black and red glitter nail idea

This nail idea will be the perfect pre-planned addition to your holidays, swap out the nail art for accented glitter nails for for a more casual look if you prefer. Works well with all skin tones and nail types.

9. Black and silver stunning nail look

Here’s a favourite, the black and silver approach is timeless, effortless yet breathtaking, this design takes the concept of french manicure into an artistic baddie dimension, adding rhinestones and patterned tips give it an extra flare.

10. The black coffin french mani

The next design is a stunning black tie french manicure, start by applying a glossy base coat, follow the procedure to a basic french mani, and instead of white add black stripes on each nail, finish with adding gold freestyle embellishments and a top coat to preserve. Although this nail look can work on any nail, it is best worn on coffin acrylics.

11. Black-blue marble french tips with glitter

Be an extension of Haute couture with nails designed like these, a transitioned black to blue marble french tip with a glitter base coat, it is elegance in the face of high fashion.

12. Black glitter nails in a coffin

If you’re looking to be stylish and effortless, then this design is one to take notes from, this black glitter nail set is a one up on the full black glitter nails, best suited to the coffin nail type, it’s a fancy gala at your fingertips.

13. Spring party acrylic nails

This next design is a spring party set, decked put in black and glitter nail polish the idea also incorporates a baby pink accent nail with a heart drawn into it, and gold lines pulling the whole set together, perfect for a night out into town or a picnic in the park with friends. This set looks best on almond-shaped nails of any length.

14. short black acrylic with glitter

If you don’t like long acrylics but still want a cute nail idea, opt for a look similar to this nail design, a back and silver glitter nail polish topped with a glossy top-coat, it can also be worn on long nails but the effect it has on short nails is a true beauty.

15. The japanese effect black and gold nails

One of our personal favourites in this list is here, this design features a marble white base for all nails except two, and one nail filled in with golden glitter nail paint and the other in glossy black, with every marble nail consisting of a gold stripe and a Japanese-inspired hand dotted leaf.

16. Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter and rhinestones

This nail design takes the cake when it comes to uniqueness and variety, maintaining a accents only black effect, using the black colour for only details to make it pop over what could have been a simple simple french square nail set.

17. Pink, Silver, and Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter nail set

Party it up with the Pink, Silver, and Black Acrylic Nails With Glitter nail set, similar to the Spring party acrylic nail set, this one can work as a smooth day to night transition nail set, with pops of black and silver in glitter to light pink bases bringing a sense of softness and elegance to the look.

18. pretty it up with black acrylic nails with glitter in pink

Here’s a version of the previous set, except this time the famine energy is high on the scale, featuring baby pink glitter along side black glossy finishes, topped off with a small delicate nail jewel to pretty it up.

19. Black on black nails

If you’re a big fan of black on black, check out this stylish set, with blacks under two finishes, one glossy and one glittery, and an accent pink nail with silver and black stripes to

20. The black and pink sparkle

Black details over a nude base has become a revelation that many have fallen in love with, and if you’re one of them you need to try this new combination glitter pink base with black detailing, it’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you tried it.

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