20 clear outlined nails that are trending

Have you been trying to get on the latest nail trend for the upcoming spring season? We’ve got you! Here’s 20 clear outlined nails that are trending on Instagram.

The 20 best clear outlined nails you’ll want to try

We live in a time where simple becomes trendy overnight, where artistic goes hand in hand with the saying “less is more”, where clear nail polish is the talk of the town; that’s where we are today, and with that we bring you several ways to dress up clear outlined nails and make them pop.

1. a blue french manicure

Thats right, it’s that simple and glamorous; this blue french manicure is just an addition to the classic set, adding blue tips gives brings it to life in many ways. Although showed on a a coffin nail set, it would look equally stunning on almond shaped and squared.

2. Clear outlined nails with colour

This look has been on every nail enthusiasts radar for sometime now, a design that seems to have spread like wildfire is this clear nails outlined in colour nail polish, pristine nail art work and vibrant colours are all this look needs to be perfected.

3. Neon clear outlined nails

Neon has been making a comeback especially in the nails department and this design explains just why; colourful, bright and makes a statement everywhere it goes. Dip into the half and half culture of solids and the alternative to classic manicure to achieve this look.

4. shades of brown

This stunning nail set is a mix between the nude nail polish hype and the elegance of clear nail polish coming together, pick out a few shades of brown and white and try it out yourself at home. This look suits all nail types and carries more versatility than you’d think!

5. Glammed up clear outlined nails

Don’t be fooled by the glitter and the glamour this set features, It’s the kind of look that works in favour of all; compliments every outfit and dresses up the simplest of them. It’s a blessing in disguise.

6. Clearly Boujee

You can never go wrong with black, at least not in our eyes. Boujee up your regular acrylic application by adding black outlines, your favourite logo and layers of top-coat to set.

7. Nude French clear outlined nails

If you prefer a minimalistic approach to your daily wear, match it with a design replicating this, detailed with a nude tip, this manicure blends seamlessly with any warm or cool toned outfit.

8. Candy-cane clear outlined nails

You ever look at a piece of art that you can’t take your eyes off? imagine wearing it on a daily? well the good news is that you can, this candy cane french mani is like no other, filling negative spaces with what looks like a treat to the eyes, the vibrant colours and the stokes make you want nothing less.

9. Pressed flowers in frames

The title doesn’t do justice to this unique nail set, although correct about the clear nails acting as frames holding pressed fingers, the gold foiled look compliments the forrest green beautifully.

10. Blue flamed effect 

This blue tipped french mani is a unique rendition to the original, infused with the flamed tips trend, these two coming together makes for a must try look.

11. Sunset clear outlined nails

This sunset look fused with negative space is one of our favourites, the abstract set is a one of a kind, simple yet glamorous this look is one to keep an out for.

12. Sunset and french clear outlined nails

This design is what could be seen as a sequel to the previous, with one nail hand pained as a sun set by the beach and other nails left bare with coloured french tips in the stunning neon orange to match, it’s one of the easier artistic ones to achieve at home.

13. Open faced blue with gold specks

This drop dead nail look is an eye candy, it’s new and it’s unique; this muted teal blue along with the gold specks make for a killer combination, a must try for all nail enthusiasts.

14. Universal Pink Nails with butterflies

Stylish and mystical is what this nail design screams, to achieve this look all you have to do is double coat your base is either a transparent polish or a salmon colour and top it off with artistic swirls in different colours and your favourite embellishments.

15. Minty mani’s

If you’re into pastels, you like changing up colours and having something new on your nails every few weeks, this look maybe for you; a simple one colour french mani with three out of five being french tips, make for an amazing coloured set.

16. White striped nails

This nail look is a everyday wear without a doubt, easy to dress up or dress down it’s the only accessory you’ll be needing to straighten out before heading out, the versatility of the white tying the look together, simply worth it.

17. The valentines day coffin

Romanticised nails may not be an official term, but after taking a look at this next design; it may as well be considered one now, a beauty and the beast inspired single rose surrounded by coffin red tipped nails makes this a stand out. You can even opt for a baby blue to make the look softer.

18. Superhero standards

Who said superheroes didn’t get manicures, at least thats what we think after looking at this design, a simple baby blue marble accompanied by a statement nail with fiery gold embellishments.

19. Neon nails  

This next style is a skater girl chic look, the pops of neon give the short manicure a glow to it and add personality to the look itself.

20. Colourful faces on clear outlined nails

This last design is an abstract piece, incorporating several types of faces and detailings making it a statement piece, almost as good as a designer purse, except this comes custom fit to you and you don’t have to be without it.

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