20 Edgy Short Black Nails To Try Replicating

Are you on the look out for your next nail inspiration? Here are 20 best edgy nail ideas for short nails.

The 20 Edgy Short Black Nails to try out

Who said having short nails meant no fun? We’re coming in hot and heavy with 20 of our favourite Edgy Short Black Nails for you to try out, explore stunning edgy and decorative nail arts, and don’t worry if you don’t have short nails, you can always customise the look to work for you.

1. Triple black effect

The first design plays homage to our collection, a look that elevates short nails on to a ultra chic level. Featuring a triple black effect, this design incorporates matte, glossy and shimmer; intertwining it beautifully.

2. Slithery snake print on edgy short black nails

Our next nail design is this iconic snake printed on matte black, the snake passes through three of the fingers, giving it an elongated artistic approach to the nail set, you can opt to replace the matte black for a ruby red for a more skater girl approach if you prefer.

3. Black and white nail art design

Although this image shows a short nail extension, this look can be replicated by both longer and shorter nails, preferably on acrylics to even out the surface and have more space to freehand the prints, this particular design features several symbols including checkers and yin and yang; these symbols can be replaced for any of your choice.

4. Short black nails with flower detailing

A simple yet elegant look, this design speaks volumes for its versatility, from keeping a clean cut coffin shape painted black to accents of hand dotted flowers to give it a feminine and edgy touch.

5. Edgy short black nails with french tips and gold fixtures

This next design features a classic french manicure with a twist, introducing the decked out sister of the classic look, this look hosts black french tips and several stunning gold embellishments across every finger, making it accessory to turn heads.

6. Black outline nail design

This almond shaped design is a classic, with a salmon base coat and black nail art pen; this look will be easily achievable, for a darker effect you can opt for a darker base and add a glitter accent nail to take it one step further.

7. The pop culture XXX design

This next nail design is a known pop culture statement, although simple it can give any outfit the perfect amount of edge, if you’re looking to get similar results without facing the difficulty of symmetrical placements of the X’s, purchase nail stickers instead, these can be easily found on websites like amazon and even etsy.

8. Cheetah print and black short nail design

If you’ve never tried incorporated animal print into your nail sets, take this as a sign; adding a pattern to cut any and all solid colours, there are several fashionable advantages of trying it out. This design in particular hosts a cheetah print and solid black painted nails, creating the perfect balance and look for shorter nails.

9. Simple Edgy Short Black Nails with dotted prints

This breathtaking piece is as simple as it looks, using only two colours; black and white. Easy to recreate even as a beginner all you’ll need is a toothpick or a nail art pen in the colour white and stoke the prints in and let it sit, don’t forget to add a top coat it set it in place. You can also use different colours and give it a brighter look.

10. The queen of hearts

This next nail set is a simple and pretty combination, bringing in aspects of the french manicure, hand painted hearts and coloured tips, to take it a step further you can choose to opt for a neon pink or green and give it a pop of colour.

11. Edgy Short Black Nails with a touch of euphoria

Inspired by the show Euphoria, from season 2 episode 1, this design takes on a valentines day approach. paying attention to detail, this look will require patience and persistence, opt to get this done by a nail tech and ask to have it free-hand drawn for a more authentic feel.

12. Black marble accent nail design

This short nail style is a marble inspired look, with all nails pained glossy black apart from two, one pained baby pink and one being the accent nail, with a black backdrop, specks of pink and gold to give it a cracked marble illusion, the tone of pink and black go together well especially under a glossy finish and not matte.

13. The yin yang nail set

A simple yet a favourite, this design starts off as a black and white nail set, with two white nails and two black, and then coming together in the middle and going half and half on the print, giving the look more depth and elevation. This nail design can also be suitable for longer nails but the almond shape is known to give better results compared to other nail shapes.

14. Flames effect on edgy short black nails

A very popular look amongst trendsetters, the flames tip; giving an electric addition to simple nails, this design uses lavender and glitter black nail are to create flames, the black glitter is used to outline the lavender detailing, to make it stand out. You can even try different colour combinations and find one that suits you best.

15. geometric design for short nails

This design features several simple shapes and lines to create this set, giving the illusion of sophistication, it can be worn on several occasions, from parties to the work place; creating a large sense of versatility.

16. Edgy Short Black Nails with dragon scale tip

Right up the alley for all those wanting something unique and edgy, the dragon scale tip design; it starts off as any ordinary acrylics set a short almond style, this specific one uses a stick kit which can easily be purchased to act as the dragons scale tip, but the bubble effect can also be used to achieve similar results.

17. Black and nude simple idea

This pattern has been famous since early 2014, a time when tumblr was filled with nail inspiration, and almost 70% being a tribute to this style, although a timeless print, elevating it and steering it into a modern direction is what this image has done, using nude as the base instead of turquoise or purple to give it a stylish feel.

18. The Billie Elish Edgy Short Black Nails

We love Billie Eillish, we love her music, her personality, her fashion and her fans who create artistic Billie inspired nail looks, this one in particular screams her name before anything else, and that says a lot. To create this look pick out a few of your favourite symbols and images and use a nail art pen to give it a go!

19. Glitz and glam show for Edgy Short Black Nails

This design is a party, it’s a gala and it’s the glitz and glam committee, emphasising on the different glitter aspects, the glossy finishes and the 3D patterns, this is old school Hollywood meets punk superstar. Try it out using silver instead of gold as an accent piece for a more subtle effect.

20. Dreamy swirl set

Just like the name suggests it’s a dreamy nail set, the freehand detailing along with the empty base gives it a mysterious look, ask your nail tech to freestyle on you instead of copying it entirely to get a unique finish.

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