20 Stunning Blue And Gold Nails to try

Are you looking to add colour to your nails and still be stylish? We’ve got 20 stunning blue and gold nails for you to try out, sourced from your favourite – Instagram!

Here are 20 Blue and Gold nails for you to try out

We’ve compiled a list of our 20 favourite Blue and Gold nail ideas for you and your nail tech to try out this upcoming spring-summer season, curtesy of your favourite source – Instagram

1. Blue and Gold nails inspired by marble

The first nail set on our radar is this striking marble inspired and gold infused one, presented to be best suited on the stiletto nail shape, it can also be suited to the almond and coffin shape with a few adjustments in the pattern.

2. light Blue And Gold nails with shimmering Embellishments

The next design is a simple french nail with a twist, worn best on a square or coffin nail shape, it features a light blue outline with a statement gold embellishment in the middle, this one being a glamorous snake. This nail set can be a great transition set from day-to-night, depending on the level of accessorising.

3. Royal Blue and Gold nails

Are you someone that likes to make noise with their nails? if so this next design is one you’ll want to save off instagram; this lengthy royal blue set is decked out with gold fixtures, each unique from the others, making for the perfect pop of colour to make any bland outfit a million dollars.

4. blue printed nails with colour patches

A simple look to achieve, this set is inspired by the deep blue colour; gather a few contrasting soft polishes and use to create nail patchwork, then use a nail art pen to create details and lather a top-coat to prevent water damage.

5.Oceanic Blue and gold nails

This next design is best suited for squared nails or a simple manicure alternative; this look in particular features an off white/ cream base followed by light smears of the stunning oceanic blue colour and bordered by specks of gold to pull the look together.

6. mystical blue and gold nails

As seen in previous articles, nails utilising symbols and fixtures elevate the nails, they add dimension and give it depth, the same can be seen here; opting for a blue on blue look here with the help of gold detailing, it would make for a set of statement nails.

7. Blue and gold nails with foil look

Are you obsessed with this combination yet? the baby blue french tip and the gold foil ties the look together and gives it a stylish 3D effect, best suited to squared or coffin styled, you can also try using gold foil to border the bottom of the nail as well for an abstract look.

8. Light blue and gold nails with specks

If you liked the Oceanic blue with gold nails this one will be a no-brainer to experiment with, especially for those that have almond-shaped nails this will look will create a feminine exterior for you to carry. The baby blue and gold specked as an iconic duo to wear out.

9. Shades of blue and gold stripes

This design is a half-and-half french manicure, with two nails left with a solid filling of blue polish, the rest are candy-cane striped with shades of blue and gold to create a boujee look.

10. Queen of golds and blues

This next set is infused with royalty, whether it’s the shade of blue or deep shimmering gold; it’s got a scent of magic, leaving sparse nails works great with this set to help balance out the heaviness on each side. Try this using ruby red and a muted shade of nude for a chic valentines day look.

11. Blue marble with gold fillings set

This iridescent nail set features a marble effect and foiled gold cracks throughout, although it is best suited for coffin and square shaped nails, it can easily be worn on almond shape and shorter nails as well. You can even try to add specks of dark pink to give it an abstract look.

12. ocean wave print on Blue And Gold Nails

This next design pays tribute to the ocean, with hand painted stokes representing the waves of the ocean, using several colours to create its illusion and topping it with a a golden border on each nail, in randomised order, making it stand out. If you have a cool toned skin complexion you can replace the gold for a soft silver and achieve a similar look.

13. Blue and gold nails hollywood party style

This nail design is a Hollywood masquerade ball in a set, using only shimmer colours to achieve this look, it can easily be done so at home with a few simple tools such as glitter nail polishes, nail foil in golden colour, and tape to create precise lines.

14. Dark french mani with Blue And Gold Nails

Here’s another gold foiling on the dark blue look, similar to the last this one is also easy to achieve at home; best suited for almond-shaped nails to give dimension to the look; it’s one that will work great with short nails as well.

15. geometric design for short nails

To re-create this look, apply double coats of the nail polish on each finger except the two middle fingers, use a wet sponge applicator to apply thing polish on the two, sparsely apply with almost no pressure to guarantee a swirly effect, then place gold detailings and embellishments once dried.

16. Soft fairytale Blue and gold nails

This blue and gold nail set is like no other, dressed as a fairytale the design features a soft glam feel, using a baby pink single layer as a base coat followed by a split screen look using a mesmerising blue and gold foiled borders.

17. A blue and gold nails for squared style

Similar to the previous half and half design, this one has a mystical illusion, it is best suited for shorter and squared style nails as it gives it a fuller feel.

18.Dark blue and gold nails with gold specks

Here’s an iconic one, this design is based around this stunning universally adored shade of blue. It’s mystical, magical, and looks like it’s right out of Alice in wonderland, the shade of blue compliments every skin tone and nail type if you prefer pastel colours you can try replacing the blue and creating something unique.

19.Dark blue nails with gold nails featuring 3D detailing

This next design is a ultra chic, rich meets richer vibe; using heavy gold foiling to add a 3D effect on each nail in a randomised pattern, Featuring a sultry blue nail polish and several glossy top-coats to keep the detailings in place; it’s a masterpiece on the move.

20. Mermaid and Sequinned blue and gold nails

This final look is a unique one, with lightly dabbed blue polish and sequins along with specks of gold; it’s one you wouldn’t have seen much of before.

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