20 Stunning Short Louis Vuitton Nailsย 

Are you looking to be a trendsetter? Perhaps youโ€™re looking to carry boujee nail looks; we come to you with a list of 20 stunning short Louis Vuitton nail designs to try for yourself.

The 20 trendiest Short Louis Vuitton Nails

1. Short Louis Vuitton nails in French mani monogram

Starting with a simple yet gorgeous nail set, this design features a full set of monochrome nails done two ways, the hand-painted nails play with an inverted print making it unique.

2. Caramel Coloured Short Louis Vuitton nails in French mani monochrome

Just like the previous nail design, this look is also a French mani variation with hand-painted tips in a monogamic manner, the difference being the soft caramel twist which can be replaced for an electric color to give it a loud vibe.

3. Simple Louis Vuitton print nails 

This next nail design starts with a skin-toned salmon pink color as its base, and goes to having hand-printed Louis Vuitton design, the combination of the soft pink and muted brown is exceptional in this case. 

4. Short Louis Vuitton nails with hello kitty print

If youโ€™re new to introducing French nails into your style, try incorporating stickers and colored tips or accented nails, like this set; to imitate it use dark olive green nail polish as an accented nail to the normal French mani and add hello kitty nail stickers and those of Louis Vuitton. 

5. Short Louis Vuitton nails with a white backdrop 

This nail set features a solid white backdrop to the nail set with an added LV gold embellishment, making it an accessory to any outfit. 

6. Monogamic nails with rhinestones

Hereโ€™s another simple yet striking one, best suited to short almond-shaped nails to give it the fullness it deserves to show off; this nail set features a simple LV monogamic print with gold rhinestone embellishments. 

7. Soft marble printed nails  

A simple yet chic print that never fails to amaze is the marble print, carried with elegance, this nail design can make any nail shape stylish. 

8. Colourful printed short Louis Vuitton nails 

This next design can be achieved at home with ease, start with a double-coated white base, let it dry and begin working on the nail print using different colored nail art pens, you can find the exact print online and imitate it to whichever degree you wish to, finish with a top-coat to give it a glossy effect.

9. stylish pink nail set

This simple and stylish nail set is the result of a simple baby pink double coat followed by the application of a few selected LV nail stickers easily available on Amazon and Etsy. 

10. Brown short Louis Vuitton nails with specks of black on accented nails

This gorgeous nail print can make any outfit look more boujee and radiant, although this look may be difficult to do at home for beginners, bring the image inspiration along with you during your next nail appointment and ask to have to freestyle for the most unique version of It. 

11. Almond-shaped shaped printed nails

Featuring a discrete elegant look, this set is based on a nude-pink color palette with gold prints spaced out.

12. Squared blue printed nails  

A unique way to incorporate monogamic prints, opt for bright colors that compliment your skin tone and your nail shape, a color like blue that works universally with every skin color will be your best bet to try.

13. neutral short Louis Vuitton nails  

Hereโ€™s another simple nail look, using a soft nude base and gold LV embellishment; this could work great for the weekdays where your 9-5 demands elegance and etiquette side by side. 

14. Iridescent pink with white handmade prints set

This next design is in a tone of pink that works universally with any nail shape, length, and print; this look, in particular features several symbols associated with Louis Vuitton, giving it a more creative feel. 

15. The fashion house inspired nail set 

Here is one of our favorite looks, this glam-chic nail set is based on almond-shaped nails, although it has the potential to give the same impact on other nails, this one carves out the best effect. The French mani carries dark nude tips and small printed detailing. 

16. Rainbow effect on short Louis Vuitton nails 

If you enjoy color on your nails, then this design is one you need to try out; using a handful of colorful gel pods and top-coats, this look can be easily achieved. And for the added LV print detailing white nail art or white gel pods with thin brushes can be used. 

17. Edgy short Louis Vuitton nails  

This nail set is inspired by edgy fixtures of colors and prints, featuring a black French mani with butterfly accented nails and LV printed on tips, itโ€™s subtle; but not too subtle. 

18. Plain Jane of short Louis Vuitton nails

This next nail design is one that anybody with a little bit of nail art practice can achieve within 10-15 minutes. Double coat the nails with your choice of nude color, apply a thin white line at the nail tip to create a French mani look and draw on the LV statement. Let it try and then add a top-coat to give it a glossy look.

19. The royal blue exhibition 

Just like the name suggests, this look is royalty to its full capacity; the stunning blue color and the heavy white complement each other and create a statement of a piece. 

20. Pink panther in short Louis Vuitton nails 

Here it is, the most unique nail set according to us, starts with two hands displaying two different shades of pink, but at a closer look youโ€™ll see one with a pink panther hand-drawn as an extension and dressed in the LV print, is that unique or what? 

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