5 Best Ways How To Style Short Nails For Teenagers

Are you a first-time mother of a teenager wanting to experiment with her look? Maybe you’re unsure about ways to introduce it to your daughters, or maybe you’re a teenager looking for easy and fun ways to play with your look – You’ve come to the right place, in this article we’ll go through the 5 best ways how to style short nails for teenagers.

Starting with short and natural nails, here are the 5 best ways how to style short nails for teenagers. 

The ages between thirteen to seventeen are extremely crucial for a child, especially when it comes to self-expression, learning things about themselves, and finding their way into this world; and with that comes the excitement of experimenting.

For girls it’s hair, makeup, fashion, and aesthetics; it’s picking up on things from the women in their lives, moms, sisters, friends, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few. But with that comes a sense of responsibility, the fear of the unknown, and much more.

Therefore, we’ve put together a mini guide for first-time mothers to teenagers and for teens wanting to learn for themselves.

Before we move on to the five best ways how to style short nails for teenagers, here are some of our top tips on preparing you to take this journey:

Tip #1: Start a collection of nail polishes

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One of the easiest ways to get into a craft is by building its section, in this case, if you’re looking to diversify your creative zone and become more indulged in the world of nail polishes and nail embellishments, the biggest tip would be to work towards creating a nail polish collection.

Unlike other collections this does not have to be a big collection, it doesn’t require any specific pieces, nor does It need to cost a certain amount. A good starter collection can include a few neutral colour ors like white, brown, black, and baby pink as well as accented pops of colour rs like neon’s and glittered polish.

You are also not required to go ham on your bank, you can start with odd pieces floating in your vanity and go from there.

Tip #2: Make a saves folder on your Instagram for inspiration

Almost everybody and their mom is on Instagram nowadays, with accounts opening up daily taking on a niche that gathers its audience, there’s something for everyone, and if not, there are hashtags to search for them.

Make a saves folder on your Instagram, do some hashtag research, and start saving pictures of nail inspiration into your saves folder. This is a great way to build on your creativity, and you can even type in specific words to find nail ideas using the colors you have in your nail polish collection.

Tip #3: Talk to a nail technician

Like when someone is considering changing their hair, getting a different look, or even dyeing it; having a consultation with a professional is recommended, the same goes for nails. A nail technician is someone that specializes in nail care, extensions, and simple manicures. They know what would work best on your nail type and how to keep them healthy. This is why booking a consultation can be a great step to take whilst embarking on this journey, and it could also be a great source of inspiration for your nails!

Tip #4: Know your colour wheel

If you’re looking to expand beyond solid manicures and want to experiment with colour and designs, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn the colour r wheel, understand the different complimentary combinations and learn to see which would bring out your features best.

Tip #5: Purchase quality not quantity

This is an important one, purchase quality products and not just multiples. If you want to know how to style short nails for teenagers, this is a big tip.
Buy a few good nail polishes, make sure it’s good quality, the reason good quality is important is that nail polish that has bad quality tends to dry out extremely quickly, it doesn’t apply smoothly doesn’t give the desired effect.

Here are 5 easy ways to style short nails for teenagers:

Nail stickers

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An easy way for beginners wanting to add a touch of creativity is through nail stickers, easily available at local convenient stores as well as online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy, it’s a quick and easy way to dress up any look, for any occasion and applies quick.

French manicures

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This one is a classic, French manicures are the queens of all manicures, and one that even those with short nails can carry easily. Depending on the type of French manicure application it is a look that can be long-lasting and versatile enough to work with any look.

Solid shades

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You can also opt to go for this simple-yet-elegant route, pick a shade of color and apply them to all your fingers, it’s an underrated look but always manages to make a statement.

Introduce the nail art pen

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Like nail stickers, a nail pen is an amazing source of creativity when it comes to your nails, also easily available it can elevate any nail set, although learning to use it at first may take some time to get used to, there are several nail pens available today made specifically for beginners.

Complimentary colour combination:

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This is an easy one to incorporate, followed by the colour wheel tip, this one is the implementation element to it. Even if you’re looking to work with an accent colour to give your nail set a different look, work with the colour wheel and select two colour you have that are on opposite sides of each other, guaranteeing a successful combination, like blue and yellow.

It may seem difficult but it really isn’t, and truthfully speaking there isn’t a lot you’ll need to begin the journey.

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