6 amazing reasons you can You Get Acrylic Nails With Short Nails

Are you overwhelmed by the spreads of stunning nail art and acrylics on your Pinterest and Instagram feed? Are you afraid your shorter nails may not be able to pull off what others can?
Don’t worry, we’ve jotted down everything you need to know to calm your nerves and doubts for your question – How short can your nails be to get acrylics?

The break-down of „can you get acrylic nails with short nails“

In a nutshell no. Your nails are not too short to get acrylics!

The concept of getting acrylics/ nail extensions:

In today’s day and age, getting acrylics is part of a women’s monthly pamper routine, it’s what goes right after that blow-dry and just before getting a subtle facial. 

The fashion statement it carries is like no other, you wake up every day with a stunning set of nails, with technology becoming increasingly stable, the investment even guarantees little to no damage. 

That’s right, “investment”, it’s an investment; nails are known to be a very crucial part of a women’s elegance, like hair it’s a part of the body that draws the most attention, and in a professional setting it sets the tone for your character and your personality in many ways. 

Benefits of getting acrylics: short nail version 

Although for those getting their first set of acrylics, it may seem scary, the lengthy process may even raise a few questions. But here are some of the top benefits of getting acrylics on short nails, and any nails in general:

1. Can you get Helps conceal damaged or split nails: 

Depending on the type of nail extension and method of acrylics application, you’ll notice very quickly through the process that your original nails are being protected, whether you have uneven nails, perhaps some nails are weaker than the others or maybe they’re simply damaged and need to regain strength. 

Getting acrylics can help conceal them, they will be layered in a way to keep them from getting destroyed. 

One main reason natural nails tend to get damaged or weakened that don’t affect acrylics is water damage, water can soften your nails and cause damage, something that acrylics protect your nails from. 

2. Prevents you from biting your nails 

Many are guilty of the habit, and many have moved on to getting a monthly manicure by their nail technician to break this habit. 

Having pretty nails itself is a reason to not want to, and psychologically speaking, the impulse won’t feel the same anymore knowing it’s shielded with acrylic. 

3. They are extremely lightweight to carry 

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Although at first, it may seem equivalent to wearing lash extensions, heavy. It’ll be a matter of minutes before your fingers get used to it, and the next hour you will begin to forget where your natural nail ends and where the acrylics begin. 

4. Acrylics are known to preserve the growth of your natural nails.

This is a fact. Since acrylics are essentially covering your natural nail and adding an extension in length to give your nails a fuller and longer look, the covering of your natural nails gives it the time and protection to heal and in turn grow. 

Many women have confessed to getting acrylics until their natural nails heal and have time to grow, using acrylics as a tool of not only maintenance but preservation. 

5. Easy to maintain 

Getting acrylics is essentially like getting a long manicure, it’s a procedure, but it’s surety is worth every minute of it. Once you get your nails done and painted, you will not have to even think about them throughout the month, there is no need to reapply nail polish or worry about chipping, it’s a “one and done” game. 

6. Gives a stunning look to your nails

It’s no brainer that the biggest selling point of getting acrylics is the aesthetic, the blank canvas of creativity, and a unique way to express yourself, it gives you the illusion of being “effortless and beautiful” 

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Benefits of starting with short nails to add acrylics to: 

Going back to the question of “are my nails too short for acrylics”; the benefits of getting acrylics and having your starting point be short comes with its own set of benefits, some of the most prominent ones being that, you can work your way up in a healthy way in terms of the growth of your natural nails. And with professional nail technicians to take care of your nails and give them the personalized attention it needs, you’ll be in good hands to know the best application method for them. 

Another very big benefit is the fact that nail technicians prefer to shorten and shapen your nails before applying acrylics, and having short nails already will mean that they will be able to work around them and shapen them in a way that boosts the growth of your natural nails. 

It may be a scary process, especially if you’ve never experienced it yourself, but it can be very therapeutic, and nothing feels better than self-care, and this is the best way to go about it. 

Here are some examples of acrylic nail ideas you can try out (swipe for more

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