Cute short nail ideas for 10-year-olds

Are you a first-time mother to a girly girl? Perhaps you’re under how to “get with the times” and incorporate nail polish into your kid’s life. Today we’ll do a quick run-down on some of the best ways to dress up cute short nails for 10-year old’s, that you can try at home!

Here are some cute short nail ideas for 10-year-olds

Gone are the days when nail polish was a sophisticated accessory worn by the rich and famous, worn on specific occasions, and stood for status. In today’s day and age, its style, it’s an expression, and most importantly has no age-defining factor to it. 

Although it is not recommended to have younger children wear acrylics and hot glued nails which could lead to nail damage from a very young age, there are still several ways, patterns, and ideas available to try out on younger children. 

Before getting into some cute short nail ideas for 10-year old’s, here are some safety measures you should keep in mind before indulging in them. 

Make sure to use quality nail polish 

Using quality nail polish means checking and seeing if it is dried out since that can leave strange marks on the fingers and give a textured undesirable look on the nails.

Don’t opt for nail polish removers that are heavy with acetone

Acetone is a strong chemical used in nail polish removers, it is a liquid that should not be kept at close reach from children, and children should use products with less acetone to avoid any problems.

Don’t use “fake nails” that come with super glue. 

This is a big one, do not use fake nails with superglue, and encourage children to not either, this is because the glue that comes in the package is not always safe to use, if applied in the wrong way the glue and splurge onto the fingers and stick the, together, this could have dangerous implications when it comes to separating them. 

Examples of some cute short nails for 10-year old’s

1. Rainbow coloured gel cute short nails:

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This nail idea can be an accompanied nail salon visit for a cute mom and daughter pamper day, this simple nail look although a mix of several colours can also be achieved at home with a. few colourful nail polishes, topcoats and practice!

2. Simple red nails: 

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This is a very simple yet cute nail look for children, opt for a one-colour look that can be changed based on the outfit or “colour of the week” to make it easier to maintain. 

3. Glittery purple nails with butterflies:

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This is a replica of a very popular nail design, adults like wearing, and an easy nail design to draw on using a nail art pen, the design can be changed an altered based on desire. 

4. Colourful nails with rhinestones:

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This nail look can be easily achieved at home, paint each nail with a different color and purchase rhinestones from any eCommerce store like Amazon or Etsy and add them to the look, you can also opt to purchase nail art stones from stationery stores, for a less permanent effect, yet cute for occasions. 

5. Seasonal nails:

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Painted on a set of transparent nails, are small nail embellishments, seasonally appropriate; this can be changed throughout. To find such embellishments you can try any e-commerce store or retail stores like Primark that sell nail art to utilize. 

6. Animated nail idea:

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This nail set is a cute and fun one, one for children to get to enjoy is the animated nail idea, you can opt to recreate any animated character on their hails or any print for this look.

With so many prints, patterns, and techniques used to create nail design looks, there are also several ways for children to get in on this fun, from starting your makeup collection with bottles of pink nail polish to your first glitter nail polish, these are all special moments in a little girl’s life, one that she takes a lot from her mother and guardian. 

So whilst teaching them about the types of products to not interact with, don’t forget to encourage creativity and teach them the reasons behind why something could be harmful.

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