Russian Lips: Technique, Review and Pictures

In this post, I will talk neither about the step-by-step technique of injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips nor about any medical recommendations for doing this. I just have collected for you all information I found from open sources on the Internet, from social media profiles of some practitioners, and based on my personal experience as a patient. It is a non-medical review about why did Russian lips become a trend, how might look the results, what is the visual difference of this technique. If you want to get one day any kind of lips augmentation please go first to a medical doctor of your choice.

Russian Lips Technique: Difference of Visual Appearance

So, what are the Russian lips and why did it become such a trend? You might have seen already many impressive lips transformation of some Russian Instagram models. Because of their gorgeously perfect lips achieved through well carried out lip fillers, they received a lot of admiration for their lips on social media. It became a rising trend, and women began to drool over the idea of getting the perfect pout with a simple injection.

How could they so drastically change their lips and some of them even without looking like a „duckface“? First of all, not all well-injected lips are made by the Russian lips technique. There is no official technique that is recognized by medical society as the „Russian lips technique“. I can assume that the reason why this technique was called „Russian lips“, just because it came from Russian practitioners, and pictures of their results were spread via social media worldwide.

Please be aware that besides any technique there are actually many factors and decisions that should be made by every doctor and every patient to achieve the perfect lips. But here are some noticed visual characteristics which are usually associated with the „Russian lips technique“:

  • more superficial injection of filler into the lips (especially into upper lips)
  • more drawn contours of the upper and lower lips
  • raising the height of the upper lip
  • flat lips
  • lips looking as „bow-know“
  • more injection points are required
  • filler with a higher HA concentration for contouring

Review of „Before and After“ Pictures

To demonstrate the visual appearance please look at some examples of „Before and After Pictures“ of the „Russian lips augmentation“. I don’t advertise these particular practitioners and can not guarantee that these pictures legally belong to these practitioners as well as whether these pictures are edited/filtered or not:

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Healing Process and Duration

Healing process and healing duration depend on many factors, but the most important are: 1. an experienced and good medical practitioner inject lips with minimized trauma, 2. Less volume and quality of the filler 3. Good health condition and no allergic reactions. The doctor must give you professional recommendations on what to do: how to care for the injected area, what to do, and what to avoid during the healing. If you follow the advice of your specialist, it will help your body easily cope with swelling, bruises and redness quickly. Most often, it takes 2 to 7 days for the first noticeable positive changes. Then the process goes faster, and after 10-14 days you will see the final result of the procedure without inflammation. Below you will find common recommendations about what to avoid before and after the lip filler augmentation in order to reduce healing duration:

  • Hot bath/shower/saune right before and after the procedure
  • Hot drinks, alcohol
  • Medications that affect blood clotting.
  • Smoke
  • Make up / lipstick
  • Any creams besides those recommended by the cosmetologist after the procedure.
  • Do not actively move your lips – press, stretch, squeeze, stretch, strain, open your mouth wide, kiss etc.
  • Do not visit a dentist
  • No excersise and heavy physical activity
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How Long Do Russian Lips Last?

As for creating defined counture of lips will be typically used a thicker /more concentrated HA filler – it stays in the lips longer as less concentrated filler, but there is no guarantee that it stays on the place where it meant to be. Here you can read more about lip filler migration. In general, lip fillers last from 5 months up to 3 years (for some patients even longer).

How to get a perfect „Russian“ lips

Before you get any lips augmentation please get advised by a doctor you trust and make sure you have a common vision with your doctor of what you want to achieve. Please take seriously the potential risks of this procedure. Sometimes, what looks with other women good, does not fit your face at all. Try to find pictures of someone with similar lips who became in your opinion great Russian lips and discuss this desired result with your doctor. Also, it is a good idea to split the sessions and start with the smaller volume just to see how your body reacts to the filler and how fast your lips recover after this procedure. In many cases thick and high-concentrated HA filler makes the lips look heavier and not natural. So, I prefer more light versions of fillers and I talk to my doctors a lot about expected results.

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