Lip Filler Swelling Stages after Lip Filler Injection

Lip fillers are such an amazing way of achieving fuller, smoother, and flawless lips, ultimately leading to a younger look. But before getting this procedure you should be aware of swelling stages after lip filler injection. So, let have a look at how your lips might heal and when you should immediately go to a doctor.

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Why do swelling stages differentiate in every case?

These fillers come as small injections filled with Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural chemical in the body and so, cannot cause harm to you. Once the Hyaluronic acid is injected, it is absorbed slowly from the lips back into the body, within 6-8 months. This is exactly why a refill is usually needed after about 9 months, to retain the full-lips effect.

Lip filler shots cause visible changes on the lips, especially the first few days(which is perfectly normal). Usually, the lips swell after lip injections. The reason for this is the delicate state of the lips. So, even the smallest prick on it can cause swelling. 

Therefore, the more sensitive your skin is, the higher the possibility of it swelling more. But you need not worry, as this swelling goes down after 48 hours at most.

The size of your filler could determine the rate of swelling too. For example, someone who gets a 1ml shot of lip filler cannot compare lip size with someone who got a 0.5ml lip filler. The sizes are expected to be different because of the variance in fluid quantity.

Lip fillers can have mind-blowing effects. They are not as complex as plastic surgeries that need plenty of time to look natural, in addition to possible side effects. A normal lip filler process heals up totally and the difference is seen within 4 weeks.

So, even if you’re an office worker, you have the liberty of getting a lip filler injection.

Let me give you a simple hack: You can get your lip filler taken by the weekend. So, by the new week of work, the bulk of the swelling would have reduced. At work, you can also cover up with a face mask. 

However, an Aesthetic nurse injector, Alex says that you should not take your filler injection before a special event such as a wedding or a vacation. Take it at least 2 weeks before that event.

Lip filler swelling stages: How do swelling stages after lip filler injection look like?

These are some lip injection swelling stages, common to everyone who book a lip filler appointment.

1 week lip filler swelling stages: healing process day by day

Day 1 of swelling stages after lip filler Injection

Immediately after the lip shot, there is significant swelling on the lips which often lasts for about 24 hours. The upper lip might be much larger than the lower. At this stage, there is little pain and discomfort. The spot of the injection shot would also be tender and sore.

Experts recommend applying ice to calm the swollen part.

Day 2 of swelling stages after lip filler injection

The swollen lips are at their maximum within 12-48 hours. If it does not stop swelling after 48 hours, visit your medical expert for a checkup.

This is when the Hyaluronic acid is trying to balance itself up with other fluid materials in the lips. Visible marks of bruises are seen on the lips around this time.

Day 3 of swelling stages after lip filler injection

On day 3 of the lip filler swelling stages, most of the initial swelling must have been reduced. Even the pain should have subsided greatly. However, there are still traces of bruises from the injection shot.

The asymmetry of the upper and lower lip is reduced as well. And at this point, talking and eating becomes more comfortable.

1 week later after lip filler injection

Bruises must have disappeared totally. But the lips might feel a bit lumpy. Medical experts say that it is normal. It becomes abnormal when the lumps keep increasing or do not reduce as days go by.

2 weeks later after lip filler injection

By the second week, the final result of the lip filler is almost ready. There should be no more lumps. The lips would still be slightly bigger than normal but you would look chic and elegant if you decide to take selfies or pictures.

4 weeks later after lip fille injection

After one month of the healing process of lip filler, the result is fully ready. The Hyaluronic acid and lip matter have settled and there is no more imbalance. 

At this stage, the lips can be assessed to see if there would be a need for layering(adding more lip filler to the lips). This is when you can decide whether you are satisfied with your lips or you want more.

Either way, your lips are good to go! You can continue with your daily routines without fear of messing up the lips.

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Swelling stages: What is normal and what – not?

  • During the lip injection swelling stages, it is vital to note that primary swelling should stop after a maximum of 48 hours. If you have any concerns, please contact your aesthetic doctor.
  • If you also encounter excessive bruising and an increasing number of lumps after 3 days of your procedure, please contact the doctor.
  • In case when pain persists after 24 hours as well, that is not so good. Reach out to your doctor.

Tips during swelling stages after filling up your lips

There are many ways to minimize post-lip filler side effects. Here are some pre and post-treatment instructions from medical experts and Aesthetic personnel.

1. You could eat fresh Pineapples, 3 days before the appointment, as it contains enzymes called Bromelain that help in preventing bruising.

2. Inform your prescribing doctor of any medication you are on so that you can be safe during the lip filling process. Anti-inflammatory and relief drugs such as Aspirin could increase the likelihood of bruising and bleeding. So, you need to discuss this thoroughly with your doctor.

3. Use only doctor-recommended natural supplements to reduce swelling.

4. Avoid rubbing, wiping, or pressing the area within 4 hours after the injection.

However, it is always a good idea to ice immediately after lip filler treatment. Ice helps with inflammation. You could use an ice cube(covered with cloth) or an ice pack.

5. Avoid drinking or smoking within 24 hours of the procedure. Alcohol can increase the risk of inflammation and smoking puts strain on the already-tender lips.

6. Take care not to bite your lips and also avoid unnecessary bumping or pressure on the lips.

7. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for at least two weeks to allow the injected filler to settle down appropriately.

8. Avoid taking drinks with a straw for the first few days.

9. Avoid using makeup and other exfoliants for at least 24 hours after lip filling.

10. Reduce your exposure to heat and sun if your lips are still swollen. If you must be exposed, cover with a nose mask.

11. If you still experience pain after about 48 hours of your procedure, please reach out to your doctor.

These procedures are extremely useful for healing lip filler swelling stages.

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