Top 5 Tips on How to Grow Extremely Short Nails 

Do you naturally have extremely short nails? Are you looking to find ways on maintaining them whilst being able to dress them up from time to time? Here are our top 5 tips on how to grow extremely short nails. 

In a world you can easily opt for extensions to your natural features and give it a drastically different look, it’s important to remember and nourish what’s beneath for an inner glow.

Here we’ll go in-depth and talk about the top 5 tips on how to grow extremely short nails, from health supplements to self-pamper sessions, covering all our bases. 

5 ways how to grow extremely short nails

Tip #1: Start with a “clean base” 

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This first tip is an important one, it’s the foundation to all the other steps. Starting with a clean base means getting rid of any nail polish residue, any unevenly shaped nails, and any soft shells. There are several techniques to start with a clean base, from buffing your nails at home to booking an appointment with your nail technician and asking to have it cleaned.

The benefit of starting with nothing but a clean set of nails is that it gives your nails a clear foundation, meaning that there are no chemicals, and the surface is ready to boost growth. 

Tip #2: Cut the habit of biting your nails          

This is an issue that gets in the way of many that are trying to learn how to grow extremely short nails, not only does biting nails result in extremely short nails but it also results in weakened nails which have a lower chance of growing long healthy nails. 

One tip to avoid biting nails is by getting an eye-catching manicure or getting acrylics done professionally to protect and prevent your natural nails from damage. You can also opt to paint your nails yourself in an eye-catching color or print to psychologically require you to not bite them. 

Tip #3: Take vitamin supplements 

If you’re looking to improve the overall health of your nails, you can opt to incorporate a biotin supplement into your daily life (type of vitamin b supplement), this supplement allows the body to take the vitamin and convert it to energy. You can also take this supplement if you’re looking for hair strength along with nails.

Tip #4: Avoid glue-on nails and low-quality nail polish

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Although getting your nails done professionally is something that could help protect your natural nails, resorting to glued-on nails and low-quality nail polish will not do anything but harm to you. 

Glued-on nails are not protective in any way, with their single purpose being for the means of style and beautification, the glue used to glue them on usually is one heavy on chemicals to create that permanence effect. 

Tip #5: Pamper your nails 

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This is a big step, one that we recommend those with long nails to also follow, pamper your nails. 

Make some time during your week, set it aside for the sole purpose of doing some hand care. A lot of the time we forget to take care of our hands and feet, we invest in face masks and serums but forget about the other parts of our body, especially those that are usually exposed to the weather. 

You can also get this nail treatment done at a salon or you could combine your nail care routine, doing it twice at home and twice at a salon or even thrice at home and once at the salon at the beginning of the month to give you a self-re-set. 

There are several different products available in the market these days for hand care, from hand masks to moisturizers and balms, make sure before purchasing anything you read the products, make sure the product will not dry out your skin and will be able to give you protection. 

One main product that is always good to have handy is a moisturizer, with our hands getting exposed as much as they do and in water as much as they are; they tend to dry out and get patchy, this also leads to soft nails which will eventually get damaged. 

Another product that is great to have on you is a small make-shift manicure set, including a buffer, nail clipper, and nail file. 

These products although may look ordinary, they can do wonders to your nails, you can even find small nail kits with these items readily available by the check-out counters at stores including Sephora and Primark. 

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